Some BerryBunch news and a non video blog post…

This is something of an FYI (For Your Information) really: as I’m typing this I currently have no voice and my brain is slightly foggy so I’m not at most efficient either!

There’s also a few prayer requests at the bottom.

If there was a relevant message for us all here, it’s simply that Jesus withdrew in order to rest, and this is something we need to regularly do too.

If Jesus did it, we really need to do the same.

Man Down

man down

So, let me start by saying “Man Down”!

I’m really grateful on the timing of my becoming ill because my family are all getting over their colds. I’d rather have escaped it entirely – I nearly made it!!

But, Praise God, because “He opened a window of health” (thanks Alan from Devotional Treasures for that wonderful line) and despite how ill I am feeling right now, and how terribly poor my voice is today, just yesterday morning I was leading worship in the lovely church we started attending last Autumn.

God enabled us to get done what He needed us to do, for His kingdom and His glory.

Area of Refuge

We hope you’re enjoying our material!

What we’ve created with our is an Area of Refuge on the internet – with Bible Based, Family Friendly Resources for everyone. They’re all, always, free to access and our website is always open for visitors, guests, friends and family 24/7, 365.

We may be going on holiday, but everything remains, as ever, available for you to Use, Stream, Share and Download.

So whether you’re after a little bit of Dave the Dog (or a lot), some inspiration for praying, some short thought daily devotionals or a Marriage Podcast, we got your back!

Holiday. It would be so nice!

If you’re a Madonna fan you might be singing the song right now. Apologies about that – if you’re not a fan – and are singing it anyway.

Anyway, the BerryBunch are going to be having a much needed, full on, unplugged rest! And 4 out of 5 of us won’t be singing that song.

With colds and a fever (only Nathan suffered with that, poor soul) we’re very much limping along to Friday when Jo finishes. She’s actually got 3 weeks of annual leave coming and is currently only, now, slightly ill (but recovering) and had to take 3 sick days last week from work…a rarity for my beloved wife!

With illness in the family we had to cancel our usual day of BerryBunch filming last weekend. With our upcoming holiday there’ll be something of a gap.

We actually didn’t really stop last year and, with our new website creating additional workload through December and January, the upcoming holiday is very much needed.

Support the BerryBunch

There are three specific ways you can help us – there are some prayer points we’d truly value prayer for, and you can support us financially and help us buy an ice-cream (or 5) for us – for our holiday!

We give a lot, as we’re constantly and lovingly reminded by our closest friends and supporters, and my time (Andy B) is regularly given to help others, without expecting anything in return. It’d be wrong to live otherwise and I know no other way!

But we are pretty tired as a family, so if you can support us in your prayers and/or in your finances, we’d be very grateful.

We really could do with this holiday being one which is both resting and refreshing!

Give us a hand

There’s three ways you can easily support what we’re doing. And the first of those is to Watch, Read and Listen to the things we produce.

If something helped you, then a comment helps us know we’re on the right track, and sharing with someone else means they can have their day lifted a little too.

Support us Prayerfully

  1. Good health – we’ve struggled with colds, coughs and one virus between us. The past month has been a constant drain on our physical health. Jo’s cough is departing, but very slowly. We are, at this point, simply very run down after many things that have been chipping away at our health and basic energy levels without any let up.
  2. A holiday without issues – various things conspired to prevent any proper break through 2022, despite our best efforts. We moved house in January 2022 – just the five of us – to a very distant part of the UK from where we were. We couldn’t get any help, so that was tiring in and of itself. It’s been a long stretch ever since then.
  3. A restful holiday – we need a good opportunity to really rest well as a family. We’ve no holiday booked up, and no means to do so (our last holiday ‘away’ was about 7 years ago). So it’ll be a staycation again for us. We enjoy spending time together and live in a beautiful part of the UK. God is good!

Support us financially

  1. Day trips – We’d love to fill the car with fuel and go on a few trips to explore more of the UK. A road trip has its own special sort of healing. If you can support us on one, that’d be great.
  2. A family meal – we love cooking but it’d be nice if we could eat a meal we didn’t have to clean up afterwards; somewhere other than the dining room.
  3. Ice creams – who doesn’t like an ice cream by the seaside?

You can easily do this without having to ever leave our website –

Andy B

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