#TestimonyTuesday: A Prayerful Miracle

Testimony Tuesday image, V2, 2023

Every day is a learning day, and every day God is still very much at work.

Read our latest testimony of God at work today!

A Prayerful Miracle

Throughout 2022 the BerryBunch had a few times of leave/holiday. But these were, each, ruined by illness and sickness. As we approached our [first] 3 week break in February 2023, we asked our Berrybunch supporters and friends to pray for healing; as a family we’d been struggling with various colds, coughs and even a virus for one of us.

This made life pretty rough because, on top of some fairly mild illnesses, tiredness has been ever gripping it’s hold, and that makes being ill more likely, and more difficult! And, on top of all that Andy B has been struggling with frequent, mild bouts of Atrial Fibrillation, and that sometimes means he goes to bed before midnight, yet is still wide awake at 6am the next day longing for sleep and rest.

But, over the past few weeks, we have literally felt prayer at various times of the day. There is no other way of describing what has been happening for us.

We know what it feels like to have hands laid on us while people are praying for us. That’s a physical feeling! But we’ve also been feeling those hands while no one was there!

At one point Andy B was sat playing cards, at 0430, wondering when his heart would settle down – so he could go back to sleep – and he felt someone massaging his heart. It was very tangible and very quantifiable. And, it was at this point that his heart suddenly started beating normally, Praise God.

Now we don’t know what you make of healing like that. We’ve seen this in others, and we’ve seen some miraculous healing in our own life before. It can seem impossible when you read stuff like this.

However, as a family, after walking with Jesus for many decades, you simply learn to accept the impossible happening, even if you don’t know when to expect it, or what shape it will take!

The BerryBunch

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12 Replies to “#TestimonyTuesday: A Prayerful Miracle”

  1. Amen! With God, we can expect the impossible, and at any moment!
    🙏Heavenly Father, please keep massaging Andy B’s heart, so it can beat normally. Grant him the good rest he, and his family need. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

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  2. Praise God. All things are possible with God. God heals. Amen. When you consider that the shadows of the Apostles, handkerchiefs etc were used of God to heal people and we read that in the Bible, it is incredible. We have experienced 2 recent healings in our church. No-one prayed or laid hands on the 2 men but during the worship time they had prayed to God silently in their hearts and asked God to heal them and both felt the healing power of God come upon them. They then testified to the church. God is gracious and hearing your testimony is encouraging. It stirs faith.

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    1. God is bigger than our ability to lay hands on someone. I’ve seen (and been the beneficiary of) some amazing healing done that way. But God is bigger than our human reach, in more ways than one.

      Wonderful to hear about the healings in your church.

      Glad it could encourage you.

      Andy B

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