The BerryBunch turns three today!

Today we turn three years old. Our first post was published on 19th April, 2020. You can read up on what we were setting out to do at the beginning right here: “First post of the blog“. And in February 2023 we launched an entirely new website experience.

You can decide whether we’re doing what we originally set out to do…

We’re just getting started!

We’ve got plans for a brand new podcast – details coming VERY soon on that. And bigger plans for new projects that will, God willing, encourage families all around the globe and always, as ever: For Free, For All.

In September 2022 we were invited to join Konnect Radio, starting a brand new radio show on Sundays, from 3 til 6pm – a whole family show for the whole family, from our home to yours.

And we’ve got plans for collaborations in the future. If you want to find out about any of these, you need to sign up to the Newsletter on our new website. And with our recently formed Council of Elrond – watching over all we do – you can know that everything we produce is whole family safe, and Bible based.

Let’s start with a poem by Nathan:

As I Ponder

As three years of life I ponder
I can’t help but stop and wonder
In light of all that we’ve been through
Was it worthwhile, could that be true?

After much consideration
I obtained the confirmation
For though ‘twas not all plain sailing
With Jesus first, there is no failing

Quite the contrary, we thrive more still
With each day we grow, I know we will
Stay on course, with wise ‘elves’ to guide
And ever more in strength abide

As three years of life I ponder
I can’t help but stop and wonder
Of all that we are yet to do
In love and grace, in peace and truth

A few details

Since we began the BerryBunch we’ve produced more than 750 videos, with more than 9.0k views – in countries all around the world, and that’s just YouTube and Vimeo: on Facebook and Instagram we’ve seen tens of thousands of people enjoying our material.

We’ve had nearly 200 hours of viewing on YouTube alone and we’ve seen more than 1,000 downloads of our podcasts. And in July, 2022, we published our 1,000th post on WordPress.

Andy has also published 2 books, with plenty more at various stages of production and publication.

Here’s a few photos to chart our progress these past 1,095 days.

  • Simple set up - in the beginning!
  • The Studio, Mk. 2.0
  • Andy B 2 Minute Videos
  • Andy B 2 Minute Videos - a later episode
  • Endurance Episode in progress
  • The BerryBunch boys
  • Looking natural
  • Family Prayer Time, S1, E4, the globe
  • Andy B, Nathan and Steven

Happy Birthday to BerryBunch!

jo square, portrait

How time flies when you are having fun!

Three years of the BerryBunch on the World Wide Web – who knew?!

The three years really have flown by and BerryBunch has definitely grown.

To mark this anniversary, I want to say that it has truly been a blessing to be involved with the BerryBunch.

I have grown in my own faith and been encouraged and challenged by:

In my day job, I am not really allowed to speak openly about my faith. So, I love the chance to speak freely at about Jesus and all that He means to me. Jesus says:

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”


Wait! What? How many videos was that again?

andy b square, portrait

In the past 3 years we’ve uploaded 783 videos. When we first started, while the content was already pretty good – after 3 decades serving people in churches – it’s been thrilling to see how much better the quality has become of both the audio you hear and the video you see.

We’ve always enjoyed collaborations with other ministries, especially fellow bloggers on WordPress. But we’re working on new collaborations that will help make all we do shine even more brightly for the Kingdom.

The BerryBunch is us – we truly are the BerryBunch!

What you see and hear is a natural expression of our own lives – being fake is just too much hard work.

It’s been especially rewarding to watch my boys grow in their faith, living out that faith with Jesus Christ through what they create.

Jeremiah 29:11 says this:

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

I frequently find myself wondering how we got where we’ve got to. What I do know is that it’s an exciting journey and, while God keeps opening doors for us, I’m gonna just keep on walking one step at a time towards Jesus.

Andy B

Three Years of BerryBunch

steven square, portrait

The BerryBunch has been going for three years. During those three years our content has vastly improved in terms of quality and quantity. But, more importantly, our faith as individuals has also come a long way.

I have seen a huge development in my own life. From being told that I’ve got a gift in public speaking but refusing to use it, to speaking for over five minutes every week on Endurance.

My involvement in the BerryBunch has given me the opportunity to develop and test my own skills and giftings.

I look forward to what else I may learn about myself, and God, through another year of producing more awesome content! 


Here We Are, Here We Go

nathan square, portrait

Well, here we are, after three years of the BerryBunch Ministry.

Now, I have spent a great deal of time trying to conceive of the most expedient, most exciting and most brilliant way to celebrate this momentous occasion. I considered writing a poem, going skydiving, or submitting a detailed analysis of our relative annual expenditure (wouldn’t that be thrilling?).

However, in the end, I thought it best to simply ponder the progress we have made, recalling all the disappointments, obstacles, regrets and pain we have overcome, in addition to all the blessings, miracles, successes and joy we have encountered since BerryBunch was launched.

We’ve come a very long way, and it brings me great delight to know we have not done so in solitude. Thanks to the extraordinary kindness and ceaseless aid of our supporters and friends, we have navigated each complexity and endured every difficulty.

And thanks to God’s constant faithfulness and strength, this ministry has been built up and now reaches across the globe, supporting Christians around the world in their daily mission and sharing the Gospel with people wherever God sends it.

Entering our fourth year, I look forward to further spreading the message of Jesus and strengthening fellow believers through the reach and resources of the BerryBunch.


Three years of

peter square, portrait

We, the BerryBunch, have been active for three years.

BerryBunch is an online Christian Ministry for the whole family, created by Andy, Jo, Steven, Nathan, and me, Peter Berry – we are a Christian family from the UK!

Three years ago, we felt God calling us to create an online Christian ministry; BerryBunch has led us to meeting Konnect Radio – a Christian radio station also from the UK.

We DO NOT charge money for our online resources, it is all for free, so we put our faith and trust in God providing for us.

My Mum, or JoJo, has a full-time job in the civil service; she is busy five days of the week, so we record all our resources on Saturdays.

My Dad, or Andy B, stays at home looking after Steven, Nathan, and I, keeping the family safe, and making our video resources perfect for you to watch!

Nathan is often behind the camera and controlling the computer; I usually control the computer for Endurance (which is by Steven and Nathan, for the youth)!

I really enjoy being part of BerryBunch, it helps me think about God, helping my faith grow!


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